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Citizen Investment Trust



New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
P.O.Box : 5823
Fax : 977-1-4785320
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LISTED STOCK EXCHANGE  :  Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. 


 AUDITOR  : Mr. Jitendra Bahadur Rajbhandari  

 Mr. Ram Krishna Pokharel

Mr. Arjun Lal Rajbansi 
(Chief Manager)


Citizen Investment Trust (Nagarik Lagani Kosh) was incorporated in 18th March, 1991 (4th Chaitra, 2047 B.S.) under the Citizen Investment Trust Act,1990. CIT formally started its activities since 15th January,1992 (1st Magh, 2048 B.S.). It is a statutory body under Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal and has been functioning on the basis of the 'Citizen Investment Trust Management By-Laws,1991' which was made under the 'Citizen Investment Trust Act,1990'. 
In fact, it is only a semi-governmental organization actively being operated as an 'Investment Trust' all over the nation and is fully functioning its activities in the capital market exploring new opportunities of an ultimate saving, investment, merchant banking and market making. All in all it is a saving and investment institution responsible for the development of various savings and investment schemes, insurance programs, capital markets services, unit-trust management services and trustee services. It has been established in order to expand investment opportunities by encouraging general public to save capital and to bring vitality in the promotion of capital market.

CIT has successfully completed its two decade challenging years with the simultaneous growth of a dynamic capital market in Nepal. At present, it has been launching various types of voluntary retirement schemes (Pension funds, Gratuity funds etc.) and mandatory insurance fund programs on the basis of fully funded and individual account. CIT, at the same time, encouraging the long-term saving mobilizations by operating Employee Saving Growth schemes (ESGS), Employee Savings Growth Retirement Fund (ESGRF), Insurance Funds for government employees & teachers, Investors' Account scheme, Pension/ Gratuity Fund scheme and Citizen Unit scheme to help the small & medium saving depositor's surplus fund mobilization towards the capital market. The head office of CIT is in Kathmandu and may open branches of appoint representatives within or outside the country.

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Share Ownership Structure

ESG Retirement Fund (Deposit)                  7%

ESG Retirement Fund (80% Loan)              8.5%

Housing Loan                                              10%

Insurance Fund (Civil Service)                   5.5%

Insurance Fund (Teachers)                         6%

Insurance Fund (NARC)                              6%

Citizen Unit Scheme                                    8%

Investors' A/C Scheme                       As per income  

Gratuity Fund Scheme                        As per income