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Armed Police Insurance


Citizenship Investment Trust invests in shares of organized firms and institutions, debenture and government securities and issues loan for share purchase and bridge gap loan to the organized institutions for certain period of time. CIT also provides home loan to its saving participants and invests the deposited money in the sector that ensures high return.

Interest Schemes

Scheme Interest
ESG Retirement Fund (Deposit) 7.5%
ESG Retirement Fund (80% Loan) 9%
Housing Loan 9.5%
Easy Loan 10%
Insurance Fund (Civil Service) 6.5%
Insurance Fund (Teachers) 6.5%
Insurance Fund (NARC) 6%
Insurance Fund (Nepalese Army) 4.5%
Insurance Fund (Armed Police Force) 4%
Insurance Fund (Nepal Police) 4%
Citizen Unit Scheme (Individual) 8%
Citizen Unit Scheme (Corporate) 5.5%
Investors A/C Scheme As per income
Gratuity Fund Scheme As per income