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Army Insurance


Mobilizing saving, promoting investment and providing capital market services are the main functions of Citizens Investment Trust. It has introduced the scheme of promoting and enhancing saving from the investors in and out of the country through schemes such as citizen unit scheme and mutual fund. Even Nepalis staying out of the country can deposit savings in this scheme. The Trust carries out saving collection for long period through Employees Saving Growth Retirement Scheme, Pension and Gratuity Fund, insurance fund among other things. Savings from the investors are collected under this scheme by maintaining their saving accounts.

Interest Schemes

Scheme Interest
ESG Retirement Fund (Deposit) 7.5%
ESG Retirement Fund (80% Loan) 9%
Housing Loan 9.5%
Easy Loan 10%
Insurance Fund (Civil Service) 6.5%
Insurance Fund (Teachers) 6.5%
Insurance Fund (NARC) 6%
Insurance Fund (Nepalese Army) 4.5%
Insurance Fund (Armed Police Force) 4%
Insurance Fund (Nepal Police) 4%
Citizen Unit Scheme (Individual) 8%
Citizen Unit Scheme (Corporate) 5.5%
Investors A/C Scheme As per income
Gratuity Fund Scheme As per income