"नेपालको समृद्धिको सहयात्री"

Citizen Investment Trust

Capital Market Service

Under the capital market service system, Citizen Investment Trust provides debenture trustee services and corporate financial services. Under trustee service, it provides the protection of custodian services of various funds, providing debenture trustee service, custodian service, escrow agent service and other such services. Other functions are public issue management, underwriting and syndication of underwriting public issue, market making of corporate and government securities. It also makes the provision for issuing primary shares of the organizations under corporate financial system for the public, and ensures the sale of such shares in case they are not sold in the market as expected. CIT works as a maker of securities for government or other institutions, determines the forms of capital and prices of the securities for various organized institutions and also provides consultation services on the areas of capital structure, pricing of securities, merger, acquisition, privatization and execution of the companies among other things.